The Dead — Where Are They? 4 The Bible’s Answer

Bijbelvorser = Bible Researcher

The Bible’s Answer

Coming to the divine Word, seeking its answer to the great question, we are at once impressed with its candour and simplicity.
The Scriptural answer to the problem is direct and straightforward, without appeal to passion or prejudice. Having proved the Bible worthy of all confidence, and having found in it the expression of the divine purpose for the blessing of the race — a purpose so grand and comprehensive, so wise and just, and loving, as to command our unqualified admiration and reverence — we may well consider in advance that the Bible answer, whatever it may be, to our question will not only commend itself to reason, but will also be found harmonious with all the divine attributes so grandly manifest in the plan of salvation.

A clear description of the state of the dead is found in Psalm 88:10-12.

“10  Wilt thou show…

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