a Poem from, “RON’S MOM”: “Are We WOKE Yet!”

The Silent Generation, my day and days before;

Acclaimed and encouraged as the silent ones.

Submissive, with heads held quiet and low;

Working with the system was their ultimate goal.

Faced with screening, fear, expected loyalty, and

social unrest, turmoil remained in their souls.

In the Fifty’s came the war babies at their best;

Into young adults they would soon become

The Vietnam era and Civil unrest,

The assassinations of Kennedy and King,

giving reasons for “No more silence, shout out, let it ring.”

Along come the Alphas and a call for “woke”

Why are you calling for “woke;”? Were you not “woke” before?

What happened after the war babies came alive;

After hearing Martin Luther King’s cries.

He and followers cleared the path with their lives;

Did you not prevail? Complacency, instead of drive?

Calling for “Woke”now reminds me of a silent gen’s saying;

A day late, and a dollar short” for that this generation is paying.

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