1. A very sobering a compelling read Ron.
    Aside from the horror of this calculating creature being loose for too long what does come through as a beam of light is the dedication of the System to bring him down. Particularly with the final investigation by the FBI.
    Many people make it their work to decry an entire system and the people therein. This is a blinkered view, and also a timely reminder we must always be vigilant.
    The Roman poet Juvenal wrote “Quis custodiet ipsos custodes” – “Who will guard the guards themselves?” Now translated in modern times into “Who watches the watchmen?”


    1. Yes, I too was impressed with how diligent the FBI was in resolving the case but what was disappointing was how the local and State judicial system based their judgement on personal feelings about the guy. To them, he was “A good guy. He couldn’t possibly have committed such an egregious act.

      Just isn’t blind, she’s just blindfolded!

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      1. Very true Ron.
        This is why a nation is best served with a combination of local and central government.
        And why extremist groups hate Central Government machinery, they can’t bring local pressure to bear.

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