Randolph Evans (1961–1976) was a 15-year-old Brooklyn boy who was shot and killed by NYPD officer, Robert Torsney, on November 25, 1976. Evans was a ninth-grader at Franklin K. Lane High School in Brooklyn at the time of the shooting.

“I never knew him to cause trouble—he was a very friendly child, he loved life,” said his neighbor Odessa Perry.


On Thanksgiving Day 1976, while responding to a report of a man with a gun in the Cypress Hills housing projects, Officer Torsney encountered a group of youths. After a brief conversation, Torsney shot one of them–RANDY EVANS– point-blank in the head.


After shooting Evans, Torsney made no effort to check on the boy’s condition but instead walked to his patrol car, got in, removed the spent cartridge from his weapon, and calmly replaced it with another bullet. Torsney’s partner, Officer Matthew Williams–who was already in the vehicle when Torsney shot Evans–asked, “What did you do?” Torsney responded, “I don’t know, Matty. What did I do?” 


On the day of Evans’ funeral, Torsney was indicted by a grand jury on charges of second-degree murder. At the trial of Torsney, which began in October, 1977, his defense maintained that the killing resulted from a psychotic episode due to “Automatism of Penfield” (supposedly, a rare form of epilepsy).


On December 20, 1978, a Brooklyn State Supreme Court ordered Torsney’s release, stating he no longer posed a threat to society and on the following July 9, 1979, Torsney was released from Creedmoor but under many rules and restrictions, (e.g. no firearms, ammunition, or explosives possession, no employment in law enforcement or other public safety and required outpatient treatment at Creedmoor for the next five years and possible revocation of his release if it’s deemed necessary for his or others’ safety.)

Torsney filed for a $15,000-a-year disability pension but was denied after being discharged from the police department.

At least the Brooklyn City leaders showed some common sense and compassion though, unlike Cuthbert City leaders. The crazy, killer cop wasn’t allowed to return to policing.

Cuthbert “leaders” give mental health, emotional and/fearful baby-killers a $50,000 a year job, put them in charge of our police department and give them a pat on the back! “GOOD JOB KEV!”


According to the “official report”, the suspect and his partner, Officer Matthew Williams, responded to a radio call for a domestic disturbance. They arrived at the address in about seven minutes. They went to the second floor. However, two other units had gone first and the matter had been attended to. The police said they had not found anyone with a weapon, but had settled a family argument.

The six officers who had responded to the radio call then left to return to their cars. On a walk outside the building, Officer Torsney encountered young Randolph and five friends. One of them, Mark Williams, 16, said: “Randy asked, ‘Did you go into Apartment 70?’ And the cop walked up to him and said ‘Damned right,’ then shot him in the head.”

Other policemen reported that Officer Torsney had then pulled his revolver and shot the youth once. They said he then continued walking to his car despite their calls telling him to stop and their asking, “What’s going on?

Torsney was taken to Kings County Medical Center for psychiatric observation.


“This officer responded to a report of a man with a gun in a ‘dark and dangerous area.” Torsney’s lawyer stated. “He acted to prevent the perpetration of a crime and to protect his own life. These are difficult times and difficult positions under which police officers work.”

The prosecutor, Harold Rosenbaum, depicted the defendant as “a frightened policeman,” whom he said was “not a madman but someone who erupted under stress and took a life, for which he is accountable.”

ERUPTED? How is a so-called trained policeman just going to “erupt” and kill a boy.

Hell, Mt. St Helens was an eruption! Mt. Vesuvius was an “eruption”! BUT, those two things are VOLCANOES! They’re supposed to erupt. Police officers are supposed to be cool, calm and level-headed!

Don’t you get tired of hearing how stressed out policemen are from working such a dangerous and stressful job? I DO!

Hey, I have a NOVEL idea–GET ANOTHER JOB!–Nobody drafted you into police service! Stop using your unfitness for that type of dangerous stressful work as a excuse for killing our loved ones!

The dead boy’s father, Raymond Evans, said “the shooting was out and out murder.” And his 22‐year‐old brother, Raymond–who was especially bitter– said, “The police feel they can burn a black kid and get away with it. It ain’t gonna be that way. We’re going to get vengeance, one way or another.”

When are WE going to take up this rallying cry?






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