“…Cynthia Scott, a 24-year-old African American woman, was walking home
accompanied by Charles Marshall, a 21-year-old African American man, when the encounter began at the intersection of John R. and Edmund Place in Detroit, Michigan, around 3:00 a.m. on July 5, 1963.

Spicher, a 28-year-old white police officer was working the graveyard shift with his partner, Patrolman Robert Marshall, also a white man, when he made the decision to pull over and seek to place Cynthia Scott under arrest, setting the events that led to her death in motion.”

Marshall stated that as he and Spicher were driving past Scott and Marshall, they’d noticed what appeared to be a roll of money in Cynthia’s hand.

Long story short–Patrolman Theodore Spicher got out of his patrol car, approached Cynthia and sought to arrest her without cause, and then shot her twice as she walked away, ending her life.


According to Marshall–who was out late celebrating on the 4th of July when he ran into Cynthia on the street at 2:45 a.m.–she asked him to walk her home.

That’s when Patrolman Spicher jumped out of a car and ordered Cynthia to get into the vehicle. Cynthia Scott objected, saying she had done nothing wrong, and Charles Marshall told Spicher he would have to arrest him as well then. 

Patrolman Robert Marshall (no relation) then frisked Charles Marshall against the side of the police car and took his jackknife. During the search, Patrolman Spicher grabbed Cynthia, but she broke away, saying “I’m not getting in the car. I haven’t done anything, why should I get in the car?”

Cynthia started walking away, and Spicher then pulled out his gun and fired at her once, which Marshall thought was only a warning shot. Cynthia kept walking away, and Spicher fired twice more, and then she fell face down onto the sidewalk–DEAD!


Cynthia Scott was unarmed and shot in the back while walking away! (Doesn’t that sound familiar?)

They arrested Marshall for carrying a concealed weapon, the jackknife, which was not illegal to possess, but later dropped the charges. 


Rev. Alfonso Campbell, pastor of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, was driving home from a late night at the theater and “saw a woman [Cynthia Scott] talking to a policeman and then turn and start to walk away. At that point, the policeman fired one shot and, while the woman continued to walk away, he fired two more shots directly at her.”

Frances Mae Jones was in the back of the police car, under arrest, when Spicher pulled over to talk to “a man and woman on the street.” The woman refused to get into the car, “so the man shot her. She started running. He fired two or three times, then she fell.”

Donald P. Johnson, a cab driver, was watching the encounter from his apartment and saw a woman walking away from a police officer who drew his gun and said, “If you take another step, I’ll shoot you.” The woman said, “You will just have to shoot me because I’m going home.” The officer shot once and then “shot two more times while she was still moving after the first shot.” Then the officer “walked over to her and bent over her,” and appeared to take something from her hand. (Hmmm. Could it have been the roll of money?)

Robert Leo Farr stated that a police officer was “talking to the lady who refused to get into the car, and then the officer pulled out his gun and said, ‘If you don’t get in the car you black bitch, I’ll kill you.’ The woman then began walking away, and the officer shot at her three times.”

Bernice Garland, watching from her third-story apartment, said a police officer shot Cynthia Scott, whom she knew, multiple times as she was walking away. 

By the way, all of these witnesses were black!


8 days later, the black citizens in Detroit held a rally. The police department tried to prevent the rally!

Attorney Milton Henry of GOAL, who obtained a court injunction to prevent the DPD from interfering with the rally, declared that “we don’t need the white liberals to lead us in our fight. . . . We must also get rid of our Uncle Toms.”

Doesn’t this sound familiar? The Cuthbert Chief is also alleged to have tried to block the protest! And that last part stated by Attorney Henry applies to Cuthbert as well “…We must get rid of our Uncle Toms.”


“The Wayne County prosecutor’s office conducted a cursory investigation, briefly interviewing the two police officers and much more critically questioning the civilian eyewitnesses who gave statements to the DPD Homicide Bureau.


The prosecutor reached the same conclusion as the DPD, exonerating Theodore Spicher and declaring the killing a justifiable homicide. HOW FAMILIAR DOES THIS SOUND?

Prosecutor Samuel Olsen found the accounts of the police officers to be true.

BUT, he told the media that the sworn statements of ALL of the African American witnesses were “too biased,” presumably meaning because they were of the same race as Cynthia Scott. DAMNED! Ain’t that some BULLSHIGGITY?



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