Don, Don the devil’s son,
You sly, old, devilish con;
You sneaked upon us once before,
But your sneaking days are now done.

A black president was the last straw.
It broke the camel’s white back.
In the fears of the simple-minded you saw,
And planned your line of attack.

You told them the world they once knew
Was being forcefully wrenched away
By enemies of the red, white, and blue,
That you’d personally keep at bay.

You told them them that the enemy
Came in hordes of black and brown
And, if they’d just worship at your feet,
You’d cut their vile enemies down.

But in the end, oh king of snakes,
Your evil ways were revealed.
Only your simple-minded knaves
refused to see the land united and healed.

With closed eyes they refused to see.
They screamed with mouths open wide.
With tears of anguish soaking their cheeks,
They crawled back under rocks to hide.

Now Don, Don oh slithery one,
Your minions have cut and run.
You slithered up on us once before,
But your slithering days are now done.


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