Cousin Day

Hello, today is one of those wacky and bizarre days that I’m always celebrating and writing about? It’s called Cousins Day! So, there’s these two cousins that I know by the name of Ron and Gwinn. These two have a podcast together by the name of “A Family Conversation .“ If you haven’t already, drop by Ron’s page and it will give you a link to their podcast. I think you will enjoy.

This brings me to how I am celebrating Cousin’s Day. I have to tell you about my favorite cousin.

“A cousin is a childhood playmate who grows up to be a forever friend.”

My childhood playmate, my cousin, was definitely going to grow up to be my forever friend. However, it did not happen that way. When he was eighteen years old, and I was sixteen, he was called to Heaven.
Bobby was so full of fun, and craziness. He was playful and full of energy. I will never forget the nickname he gave to me. It was Cauliflower. That was a mystery to me. Why Cauliflower? I guess because my last name was Flowers and there is such a thing as cauliflower ears. He often told me that my ears reminded him of a cab with the two back doors open. Get it? My ears standing out! Another one of his antics was to pull off his pants, throw them over his shoulder and walk down the street in his shorts. Cra Cra. Our favorite time together as cousins (all of the cousins) was playing stickball on the dirt street that ran between our homes. Upon graduation from high school he moved away to live with his sister. I never saw him again!

My eyes filled up with tears as I heard the news. I never thought I would lose my best friend so soon. The pain was unbearable. But I knew that he’ll always be with me. I’m glad he feels no pain now; he lives in a perfect land. I miss him, but I know I will see him again someday. Happy Cousin Day, Cousin! RIP!

“Cousins are like Fudge. Mostly Sweet with a Few Nuts.” Bobby was one of those nuts.

Time has passed and it has numbed the pain, but I’ll never forget him!

Today, since we don’t know the future of tomorrow, turn to your favorite cousin to show your love, then ask, “ What’s buzzin’ Cuzzin’?
Also, in memory of my cousin Bobby I give thanks and appreciation to the people I love and those who love me for their help and their inspiration throughout my life.

One sad and gloomy day.
A day that I will always remember,
was a day filled with dismay.
I listened with sadness and dread,
As words of doom fell upon my ears
And laden my heart like pieces of lead.
I lost you, my faithful friend,
On that sad and gloomy day.
Cousin Bobby, why did it have to end?


  1. Wow! This is an Awesome piece Aunt Jet! I was hoping you might tell us about Bobby one day. Mother told me about how close you both were. I knew how hard it would be to talk about him for you but I’m so grateful that you did. Cauliflower! I love that!
    Thanks for supporting Ron and me as much as you have. I send much love to you Unc and all the cousins that you blessed me with! On your recommendation, I’d like to ask “What’s buzzin’ cousins?!
    You are a blessing! Thank you! May Bobby rest in power!

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