by Ron Brown

“Lord Love A Duck: 1. an exclamation uttered when nothing else will fit… often used when stunned or dismayed.” (Urban Dictionary)

A feather you must pluck,
From each and every duck,
that happens to come your way.
These are wise words,
from a Chinese proverb,
that still ring true to this day.

Even an “ugly duckling”
is a feathered little thing,
with some truthful feathers on its back.
Don’t let it just pass by.
Give sage advice a try.
But, ignore the quackety-quack!

Quacks are just distractions,
meant to sway your actions.
They drown out truth with their fuss.
“Plucking feathers is whack!”
Some “whack” ducks will quack.
“Just close your eyes and follow us!”

But, the Chinese proverb has said,
“Use the brain in your head!
Follow nothing or no one absolutely.
Take what you can use.
Leave the rest for blind fools,
who follow the blind resolutely.”

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