by Ron Brown


I cannot define it.

But I know it when I see it.


I see it in blue eyes rimmed in the grey of old age,

and in alabaster faces turning red with rage.

I see it in thin, tight lips bowed by hatred’s yoke.

Its hair stained yellow by cigarette smoke.


Still, I cannot define it.

But I know it when I see it.


I see it glaring from a sea of faces;

In restaurants and other public places,

As if spying something it finds most vile;

Pulling its valued things closer all the while.


Sadly, I cannot define it.

But I know it when I see it.


I see it occupying stations on high;

Diabolically building wealth while poor people die.

It builds castles and walls to keep out the dark,

As if building the antithesis to Noah’s ark.


Yet, I cannot define it.

But I know it when I see it.


I see its flock in robes of white,

gathering around bonfires in the dark of night;

flying stars and bars in the Southern wind;

burning crosses; crooked crosses on their skin.


Sorrowfully, I cannot define it.

But I know it when I see it.


A King tried to kill the thing

But in the end, it killed the King.

This mindless, psychopathic killer of men.

This hater of anyone with darker skin.


I pray for words to define it,

So that you too can see and know it.


The King wielded words so masterfully,

In hopes of opening all eyes to see,

Just how dark and dastardly

This obscene thing can be.


He did his best to define it,

In order that all could defy it! You see?



Ronald Brown










      1. My pleasure Ron.
        Something else occurred to me after I read your tribute.
        Martin Luther King’s name and deeds echo around the world. Amongst the vast numbers of people who know his name, how many are aware of any of the names of any American white supremacist leader, without searching through google? Unless they see The Light these are small people doomed to the dust.
        Take care Ron

        Liked by 2 people

  1. BRAVO CUZ!!!!!!
    I know that thang when I see it too! I’ve seen it ALL the days of my life. It sits in the highest places; so high that you can find it depicted over the alter in most any of OUR churches!
    Talk about conditioning! Adding insult to injury!
    Ingenious as usual!

    Liked by 1 person

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