Trumpty Dumpty sits on a wall.

Trumpty Dumpty will have a great fall;

Down will come Trumpty, lies and all

None of his flunkies, none of his gang;

Will be able to put Trumpty together again.


My version of Trumpty Dumpty focuses on his lies. It has been stated in research that a person telling a lie does not realize the hugeness of the task. For every lie that is told, twenty more has to be invented.


Lies snowball. They get bigger and bigger.  If a little insignificant lie is told, then to cover that lie, another one is told, then another, and another — each gets bigger and bigger. Finally, it’ll end up in an argument about the least of things because to admit anything creates the potential of the entire house of cards tumbling.


A chronic liar will not admit to any single lie, because he feels admitting to being a liar, will cause distrust. Not only that, some lie because they have a fear of losing control.


I remember a story that was told to me by a great storyteller, my son’s grandmother. It was entitled “It Takes a Wide Road for a Liar.”  According to the story, this was a sermon preached by a very wise, country preacher.  The gist of the sermon was if you tell a lie over here, you’ll have to tell a lie over there and eventually all of the lies will be your downfall.


Trumpty Dumpty WILL fall off his wall aided by many lies. In his first 100 days as president, he made 492 false claims.  How many more lies will he have to tell as he travels down this wide road to destruction?


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