By Ron Brown


I dreamed of a land called Make-Believe

Where unicorns ran and neighed.

Where dragons rode on a lofty breeze

And fairies fluttered and played.


Trolls lived under the bridges.

Giants lived in castles on high,

And mermaids swam with the fishes.

As elves kept a watchful eye.


They all told of a very strange object,

Whose appearance varies and wavers.

They said that its purpose is to protect

The land from horrible invaders.


They said “We all call it Wallfenslat.

It’s an awesome sight to see!

But every day it changes from this to that.

We never know just what next, it’ll be!


Once it was a beautiful wall.

Then it metamorphosized;

It became a steel fence and not a wall at all.”

“We’re confused!” all of the creatures cried.


Then right before our very eyes,

Wallfenslat changed again;

No longer a fence of steel spires.

But tin and wood, like Uncle Harry’s pig pen.


I awakened from this nightmare.

and turned my television to CNN.

And what to my sleepy eyes should appear?




Definition: A barrier of questionable composition and location. Either being a wall, fence, slats or none of the above. 

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