In the aftermath of hurricane Michael, I’m left with a duet of impressions.

First, the name. “Michael”, is a Hebrew name meaning, “WHO IS LIKE GOD?”

The name poses a question, to which the hurricane provided a definite and dynamic response:


No one is like God. He’s ALL POWERFUL.

In Michael, the dichotomy of His power was on full display.

We saw the raw, brute force at God’s command.

Likewise, we saw His tenderness, compassion, and mercy as He placed it upon the hearts of some of His “children” to reach out and help those in need. This they did without grumble nor complaint.

The names and faces of the ones who responded to His call did not surprise me at all, for they were the names and faces of some of the young “soldiers” that are on the battlefield for their community every time the need arises.

These “soldiers” are now and will be in the time to come, the “backbone” and the “foundation” for whatever advances and progress we make in our small, Southern, and rural community.

They “TOW THE LINE” with enthusiasm and youthful energy.

They have their hands on the plow and their eyes focused on the rows ahead.

The soldiers with whom I am most familiar are named: Tarris Bivens, Shyheim Foster, Temecia Moore, Reginal Burks, and Eddie “Iamfoolay” Wesley. If anyone who reads this knows of others in our community,Β  please pause a moment and give them the KUDOS and recognition they deserve. BUT, if you don’t feel it in your heart to recognize them, just remain silent. Silence is a thousand times better than NEGATIVITY.Β 

If you don’t want to put your hands on the plow, then at least don’t throw stones into the field.

Plowing ain’t for everybody, but we all like the produce from the field.

Just remember this, “You can’t plow a field by turning the soil over in your mind.”




  1. In Shellman……The Shellman Volunteer Fire Department and their families, The BackPorch, Brumbys, Donnell Harvey and Crew, Shellman Drug, and the City of Shellman Mayor, Employess,and Crew. Shellman is blessed to have all of you! And all the lineman who got the power restored!!!


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