(just kidding)

Chapter 17 the CROW


The evidence was stolen by Canuck the Crow

But the laws against thieving, a Crow doesn’t know.

Should the Crow receive a sentence of prison time

If he didn’t know that larceny was a crime?

All bets say, he’s guilty, just do the Lat

Ignorantia legis eminem excusat!


So, what I cannot understand for the life of me is how a child can commit two crimes underneath the back porch of his home and not serve a day in the calaboose; after all, ignorance of the law is no excuse? But that is exactly what happened to me and my cohorts back in the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s!


We ALL did it! We committed these crimes as children while taunting our victims with this incantation;


Back, back, Doodley, Doodley, Doodley!

Back, back, Doodley, Doodley, Doodley!

Your house on fire little Doodley!

Your house on fire little Doodley!


THERE YOU HAVE IT! Do you see it? Right there in those four little lines lie our crimes. First, there’s the crime of BREAKING and ENTERING, for while we chanted this sinister quatrain, we took twigs, straw, or blades of grass and thrust them violently into the Doodleys’ houses. Then, we created a vortex of sand as we attempted to force the Doodleys from their homes.


Then, as if that wasn’t enough, we set off false fire alarms; causing a state of panic to invade the lives of the Doodleys as they rested in the comfort of their own homes. Setting off false fire alarms is a crime! The only thing that could have been worse, would have been if one of the Doodleys had been injured or killed during the B & E, or while trying to escape the false danger that we’d created by yelling FIRE. If that had happened, we would have certainly been found guilty of manslaughter or assault and battery.


OH YES, we’re all guilty and we’re all lucky; very lucky indeed. DAMN JUVENILE DELINQUENTS!

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