This article was written by my 11 year old, smart as heck, niece Brooklyn. She might be dropping in from time to time. Meet Brooklyn!


Hi, my name is Brooklyn. I am 11 years old. Ron is my uncle, and Ron’s Mom is my grandmother! You know them well because this is Ron’s blog and my grandma is always adding to his blog with her two-cents worth! I began, grudgingly, to write this post because my Uncle Ronnie and my Grandma asked me to write something. But as I finally sat down to do it, I decided that it may be fun!


I’m in the 6th grade , but I am actually taking 8th grade curriculum due to my standout performance in school. If I am successful, I will enter High School at 13 years old.


My favorite pastime is taking care of and playing with animals, which is why I thought about being a veterinarian. I love animals, especially puppies. They are so easy to love and pet. I don’t have my own puppy, even though I ask for one as a present every birthday and Christmas. I don’t know what it is with my Mom! Why won’t she allow me to have a puppy!


For the past three years,, I have been in private school. I currently attend private school in Montgomery, Al. I came to my current school, after a tragic event at my last one; the principal, (our headmaster’s wife) passed away. Unfortunately, our Headmaster couldn’t handle running the business that he and his wife opened, so they closed the school at the last minute. We were just getting ready to greet old friends and meet new teachers when we were told the sad news . My new principal was best friends with my old principal, so my old school recommended me as one of the kids they should enroll in their established facility . They took their advice and decided to give me a try.


I wasn’t always enrolled in private schools, before that I was in and out of public schools. I started kindergarten in a Magnet School at Forest Avenue. I attended several other elementary schools in the public school system but they did not meet my needs. Finally, I received a grant that allowed me to enroll in my last school. That school was perfect for me. Everyone was so nice and seemed eager for me to succeed. We had summer programs which included; Challenge Monday, Movie Tuesday, Art Wednesday, Water Thursday, and Fun Friday. It was fun all around.


So, one day in the fall of 2016, I was at my old school and the next day, I was preparing for a new school and a new set of challenges. As I said before, because the Administrators at my old school recommend me to the principal of the new school, along with a list of other students, and because I was chosen from the list, my first day was nothing but tests.


When my test came back, and my scores were great, they decided to move me to 8th grade home room. Now I am ecstatic because I know practically everyone in that class, including my best friend. Happy, Happy Ending!


Stay tuned for more adventures from Brooklyn


  1. Hello Ms. BK. That’s excellent you would like to be a veterinarian. What is your favorite dog species? Please keep us informed about your journey at your new school.

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  2. 👌 Oh! Your name is Brooklyn ! Nice meeting you.
    You made me remember my childhood days.
    I love that you love animals and pets. So you want to be a vet. All the best to YOU.
    I shall recommend your mom to arrange for you a pet OK!
    Shake hands please.
    How do you dooo!
    I am Shiva


    1. Hello Elfidd, I don’t have a dog yet. My friends, Mr. Shiva, and I are working on my mom to allow me to have one, but we do have one at my school. His name is Tyson.
      It’s fun getting to work with a dog at school, almost as much fun as having one at home. Except I miss him so much when I have to go home.
      At school, we get to take Tyson for walks outside, play fetch, and throw the ball. When he fetches something or run after the ball or does cool tricks we give him treats. When a student is having a bad day, he sits beside them and they will read a book to him. It’s Awesome!

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      1. Wow, what a great school chum. We’ve had several days of wet weather and Ben is learning to sit, lift paw get it wiped clean and dry with a towel and then come in the house. Of course there’s a treat awaiting him after the event. Now if I can just get him to stop trying to eat the towel in the process. Thanks for the shout back Brooklyn.

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