1. I believe we should learn and remember the past so it will not be repeated, but I do not believe in blaming one generation for another’s mistakes. The history of our past is to be learned from, not used as a crutch or an excuse for violence.

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      1. Well said my dear Cousin.

        I once told a person who’d expressed GP’s opinion, that I harbor no ill will, nor cast any blame towards anyone, currently living, for what an ancestor of theirs did, however, if the “currently living” individual, still prescribes to or is an advocate for any person, place, or thing; any institution, political view, or personal opinion that reflects the ideas, thoughts, actions, opinions, creed, teachings or doctrines of those dead ancestors, then I blame you. I blame them. I harbor ill-feelings toward you/them. I hold you/them responsible!

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  2. You expressed my thoughts exactly cousin!
    The perfect words!
    While I am not sure that it applies in the case, I am amazed at people who think it unfair to judge an entire group based on the actions of a few….yet they have no problem doing it themselves.

    In this instance, I was not blaming Great Grandpappy, I was simply calling him and his kin out on their Bull.

    In addition to calling Robert out, I petitioned him to send light to those, in this generation, who would venture to perpetuate his generation’s past willful, cruel and violent behavior.

    The truth hurts and sometimes people don’t want to hear it.

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