As I read Ron’s article, Southern [White] Male Perspective, I paused to peruse the photograph of the columnist and I made a mental notation. In making this notation, my thoughts were that this person seems to be one of the younger white baby boomers, the generation that seems to be least racist. Yet, he still has those old ideals, notions and feelings toward blacks.



While looking for articles to help me understand I found an article by Touré, “White People Explain Why They Feel Oppressed,” and I paraphrase, “Modern white Americans of his age group are one of the most powerful groups of people to ever exist on this earth, and yet those very people, the very same as Mr. White, wholeheartedly believe that they are now, or have been the primary victims of modern racism”.



An author by the name of Coates, in his book, refers to White people as “dreamers” to evoke the sense of them being “not fully awake, like sleepwalkers”. They are still relying on the belief in “white privilege”, therefore they are increasingly certain that they’re being persecuted.



There’s another study that notes that—employment, police treatment, loan rates, and education—imply drastically poorer outcomes for Black than White Americans. “White perception” and reality are completely at odds. So, why does this columnist and so many White folks feel like they are the true victims in America today?



For some White people, “White Power” has not retained its value from decades ago. It’s as if “White privilege” doesn’t take you as far in these days and times; much the same way that a dollar doesn’t go as far as it did in your grandpa’s time.
In those times, if a White man showed up, he got the good job; a job which let him take care of his family. No more, they say. It is hard for them to understand the reasons why this is not the case; why just being a white male, no longer entitles them to respect or a middle-class lifestyle. It’s so much simpler to blame it on the Black or Hispanic person, who got the job, or may be faring a little bit better.




So, Mister Columnist, it was so much easier for you to believe that, the reason the middle-class life was slipping away from you, was because some lazy group of people was soaking up resources and blocking the way; making you feel so very much mistreated! But then, “Yayyy!” Your new president rides to the rescue!



You no longer have to feel downtrodden! Is that right?



In the words of my oldest daughter, ” Let’s see how that works for you!”


  1. Well, I can honestly say, that i do not feel down trodden. I am not rich, famous or otherwise gifted, but I’m happy to be me and in this country. I don’t think ‘baby boomer’ has anything to do with racism, but how you were raised does. I’m not at all racist, but I don’t believe in reverse-discrimination either.
    Have a beautiful weekend, Mrs. Brown.


    1. GP, did you see the original post and column from the editorialist in question?

      He DID feel downtrodden in recent years. He referred to himself, sarcastically, as a "deplorable".

      He implied that HIS perceived state was due to "liberalism".

      I'm happy that you and he are not of the same ilk.

      Thanks for chiming in! :-)


  2. Good Beautiful Sunday Morning to you GP! Isn’t it wonderful to be alive and well? I am so happy that you have no reason to feel downtrodden. I only wish that we could All feel the same. Unfortunately, racism is a practice that Some individuals of each generation have chosen to engage, including the Babyboomers. I am so happy that you and I Chose the high road on that One! Much love! Until next time. Ron’s Mom!

    P.S. And by the way! I thank God every minute of the day for my parents and for the magnificent job they did in the rearing of my siblings and me. Collectively, we are model citizens, we’ve served our country, and we have taught children in our various communities for many, many, years! We are now all retired and enjoying life to the fullest. You have a wonderful weekend also, GP!

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  3. Dear Ron’s Mom, I am a 60 yr old white guy, a southerner, who has never gave a darn what skin color a person has, I have only cared about what is in their heart and between their ears. I have had other white folks get real mad at me because I associated with people of other races but by far I have had mostly black folks, mostly males, show me nothing but racists hate the moment they laid eyes on me because they didn’t want no white boy in their presence. Yet, time and time again I have had other black folks who were present step up between me and the hater/haters to chill them out. I have also experienced this kind of pure hate from Mexican males and Islamic males, but not from Asian’s (except for 1 exception, one of my martial arts Instructors simply didn’t like Americans, he was just here for the money). I have seen a tremendous amount of hate out of the black community as many black folks have become exactly what they hate, a racists. I have my doubts that the human race (the only one that matters) has enough intelligence to quit all of the hating over an issue that no one has any control over. That issue is, what tone of skin a person has on them when they come out of the womb. On an issue that humans have no say so on, making it an issue of hate, is pure ignorance, and pure evil. This is just my take on what I have experienced during my 60 yrs. This comment is not meant as good or bad, just the truth of what I have experienced in this path I have walked.

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