Just in case anyone who’s read the articles on this site about my hometown; Cuthbert, Georgia (see “WHAT’S THAT SMELL?”, “THIS LAND IS YOUR LAND” and “RON’S MOM” on those articles) thinks that any of that stuff was made up, I offer up the following, hometown newspaper editorial, as evidence that I do INDEED live in a different era than do many of you readers.

This site is INDEED, “THE TIME TUNNEL”, and, although I like traveling through time, it is REALLY not necessary to leave my home, for there are warps in time that are readily observable right here, in the HERE and NOW!

The name of my hometown paper is: “THE CUTHBERT SOUTHERN TRIBUNE”.
The date of the article in question is today; Thursday, Nov. 17, 2016

The weekly editorial entitled, “SOUTHERN MALE PERSPECTIVE with TIM WHITE”. (I find it poetic justice that the writer of this column is surnamed, “WHITE”. In fact, it would not be robbery if one were to call this column, “SOUTHERN (WHITE) MALE PERSPECTIVE”).

I would venture to say that the feelings, expressed in this week’s piece, are the generalized feelings of many Southern WHITE males AND females, especially of this gentleman’s generation, the Southern WHITE chapter of the BABY BOOMERS.

From previous editions of the column, I have ascertained that Mr. White was once a farmer, but due to some bad seasons, became a long-haul truck driver. He has grandchildren, which he adores, and a dog or two.
So, enjoy this week’s offering (with commentary from a Southern BLACK male in brackets) entitled:

“Well it’s been a very successful week. Georgia won, Trump won, and the Falcons could’ve won, again. It all comes down to the good guys won [the GOOD GUYS?]. And it feels like a heavy burden has been lifted. There’s no polite way to say it other than the facts. Christian conservatives, [White folks] have been oppressed, humiliated, and made to feel like second-class citizens in recent years [Blacks have been second class citizens for centuries…poor, poor, White folks]. And if you had an opinion other than the one being promoted at the time, it meant you were backwards, racist, or just plain ignorant. Which is why those in power felt led to do what was best for us. Because we, in our deplorable position, didn’t have the mental capacity to know right from wrong. In our woeful state, we exhibited a tendency to lean towards what was right, so we had to be shown what is now acceptable. But all that’s behind us now [Hooray!].
The people have spoken. Ignorant or not [you said it, not I]. Your guns are safe and Toby Keith can sing his song again [so easy to please]. And maybe now we can say ‘Merry Christmas’ again. [No one I know ever stopped saying “Merry Christmas].

But we won’t gloat over it. I can’t see Trump supporters rioting in the streets if Hillary had won [Oh, but I can].

We might be white trash, redneck, uneducated, or simple minded but we are classy white trash, redneck, uneducated or simple minded folks [classy? Really?]. Even though we’ve had our collective noses rubbed in liberalism all these years I can’t see us returning the favor. I can’t see us stooping to that level.

I have to admit it’s been rather entertaining to watch the reaction of the millennials. I think that’s the politically correct description of young college students who have been utterly devastated by these events. The silver spoon crowd who live in a sheltered and protected world where they get whatever they want and they’ve never lost at anything. Never had to deal with any kind of failure or loss. The biggest problem they’ve ever had to deal with was a pimple. They’ve never been concerned about making a car payment or paying for groceries. I saw where one Professor allowed them to delay taking exams if they were too traumatized and needed counseling because of this tragedy. Losing a family member to death is a tragedy, the results of a presidential election where your candidate didn’t win is not.

But looking back, this is probably the 2016 version of the Hippies of 1966 only 50 years later. They’re against anything and everything traditional, legal, or moral. And if they don’t get their way or aren’t allowed to win, it’s someone else’s fault. And the way to fix that is to break store windows and turn over police cars. Makes sense to me.”

So, there you are, straight from the mind of a typical “SOUTHERN (WHITE) MALE”. Straight from the “Horses Mouth”, so to speak.

I could never make this stuff up YA’LL!


  1. Why am I not surprised Ron? This is a storm which has been brewing over the horizon for some years now.
    A few years ago I struck up a cyber-friendship with a someone on the East Coast, we had common interests. Over the while their right-wing views came out, well that was cool because I was left, no problems. Initially. Gradually their replies became more infused with strong opinions turning into rants targeted at Democrats and Washington. They were a Tea-Party ‘heavy’. It became difficult to reply and maintain that friendship. The last one really did it. A link to a guy who they said was ‘someone with the stones to say it’. Link related to the Boston Bombings, anything about the perps or the victims? No. All about how the ‘liberal’ media must be so upset that the perps weren’t homegrown white militia. (WTF?????). I did not reply. They don’t contact me anymore either. (Much to my relief)
    So against this backdrop this column is almost predictable in the furnace the politicians, media loud-mouths, social media hate-mongers and professional this’ll-get-‘em-going-and-make-me-a-buck’ hacks have stoked up to white-hot.
    I’ve seen the mirror images in Brexit and in the left-wing victory confirming Jeremy Corbyn as leader of the UK Labour Party.
    Folk geared up so much in what has been angering them that when they ‘win’ they lose sight of with victory comes responsibility. OK Trump is in. Yep one of democracy’s quirks (see Brexit and UK Labour Party). Ok folks your victory; now rein in those who think this gives them licence to spill out hate; you expect it from the other side. The door swings both ways.
    Take care Ron. Best wishes to you and yours.
    God Bless You All.

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    1. Thanks Roger! A very relevant and informative commentary.

      I just bristle at the concept that the columnist thinks that, whatever minor inconveniences that he and his family feels that they’ve endured for the past 8 years, has made him feel like a “second class citizen”. WHAT A TRAGEDY!

      But he’s been willing to grow up in a world where people of color have been treated as perennial second class citizens. Ahh, but now…all is well.

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      1. This is one of the problems Ron; folk make not have quite lost their capacities to think, but Empathy and Imagining (What it’s like to be….) seem to be in very short supply.
        You are quite right to have that reaction.
        Trying to turn folk around is like using a paddle boat to turn around an aircraft carrier (being reading histories of the USN in WWII).
        Somehow it has to be done. Someone, somewhere with a strong enough voice to say ‘Only together will we do it’
        God Bless You & Yours Ron.

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      2. You’re so right Roger and Thanks. I believe that, with enough concentration, clarity, and focus, we can change our perspectives, if only briefly.

        If we can just place ourselves in the shoes of “the other guy”, a lot of problems would be solved.

        However, it’s hard to do, for some!

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      3. It certainly is Ron… I spent two years trying to explain my faith to a group of hard-line UK atheists…the best I managed was a kind of ‘Well you’re more opened than most Christians’. I gave up; they’re in The Lord’s Hands now (but don’t tell ’em).
        But we best keep on keeping even though a lot of folk are playing right into the hands of the hate-mongers. Some white extremists are gift wrapped packages for IS ‘recruiting sergeants’ doing half their work for them!

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  2. Hi Ron,
    I linked today’s “The Flowering Vine” to this post for educational purposes.
    I applaud you for your interpretation of what is really being said here. The sad part is that the message that our dear deplorable friend here is offering is not even that thinly veiled.

    Honestly, the fact that he thinks that he is oppressed is beyond laughable!
    Try spending more than 200 years being enslaved and tortured by de jurer and de facto discrimination and then holler back!

    I just can’t even!

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    1. YAAASSSSSS! Cousin. The audacity of it all!

      Of course there is free speech, and he has a right to his opinion and due to the fact that the local paper is family owned (probably by his friends), he has a platform from which to express them.

      I’m glad he did it. I only wish that more Black people around these parts would actually read it. Then they would know, with a certainty, how their “neighbors” feel.

      But sadly, folks just don’t like to read!

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