A Parent’s View on Terror

My Opinion!!


by Ron’s Mom


Last evening I received some traumatic news from my granddaughter who has just begun what should be one of the most exciting times of her life. Instead, she inboxed me saying” Mom, I’m scared! They just found one of the students across the building dead in his room.”
We’re not sure if this was a natural occurrence or whether there may have been foul play. Regardless, this particular incident happened on a college campus. However, as you know, that’s not the only place these things are happening.


If this occurrence WAS foul play, these traumatic experiences are happening everywhere and way too often. We read about them daily. They are happening at schools, colleges, night clubs, everywhere imaginable.
As stated above, please don’t get the idea that these life-changing events in our country are only showing up on HBCU campuses, or (undiversified) universities.


As I said before, they’re happening everywhere!! It’s downright scary! We, as parents are afraid to send our children off to school.


I just read Ron Brown’s Time Tunnel post, ” Where Were You?” It’s a very enjoyable and a timely post about 9/11. He tells of the aftermath of unity of all races after a tragic occurrence.


We need to bring back that unity and double down on diversity. I think, for our children and our future , we should commit ourselves and show, as my son Ron says in reference to the feeling we had after 9/11;
I’m just saying!!


BY~Geraldine (the Jet) Denson/Ron’s Mom


  1. On Monday at school (preschool) we have “Kindness Peace and Love Day”. We honor heroes, invite firefighters and police officers, raise the American flag and sing patriotic songs. Basically, we remember the good that happened when our country united after 9/11. I will write a blog post about this. -Jennie-

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  2. Any Nation that separates themselves by race will fall. The color of ones skin does not make a person, what is in their heart and between their ears makes them either good or evil ones skin color has nothing to do with this issue. We make our selves evil when we ‘choose’ to be racists.

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  3. It’s sad but the safety
    Has been taken away from us
    It is now more important than ever
    To find the silver lining in each and every cloud
    I do pray for peace for our children
    And I do believe there is still peace
    Waiting to be born
    As always Sheldon

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  4. Dear God, please keep her granddaughter safe from harm! Protect our children, I ask in Jesus’ name. Amen.
    I remember being in the cafeteria line at college when the guy in front of me started running and we all watched him jump over the closest railing to the stairs with another guy hot on his trail. Some said it was a drug deal gone wrong. Whoee, that was a scary place to be. Many years ago this took place. Thanks for posting this.

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    1. Yes! Thank you for your prayers Constance. College campuses, school campuses, Universities have all become potential killing fields.

      We, indeed must pray for our children’s safety as they try to better themselves.

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