Ron’s Time Tunnel: SINNUS JAYUZ

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Some readers of “RON’S TIME TUNNEL” may remember “hearing” me speak of my Granddaddy’s friend, Mr. Jule Wynn, in my story entitled, “GRANDADDY WAS A GEEENIIUS.”  If you haven’t read it, next time you hunker down in your favorite reading nook for a little light reading, check out that three part series  here here and here .

As I, once again, gaze through the mental window, which looks out onto the eclectic landscape of my memory, I can see Mr. Jule approaching slowly, walking stick rhythmically tapping the gravel paved passage that was South Street in the ‘60’s; “stick, street, street, stick”; a drum that heralded his coming; a valediction to his going.

As he passed 127, “The Ripper” and I played on the front lawn.

On those days that he did not stop to visit with granddaddy on his coming, where he went, I knew not for certain; perhaps to…

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