Ron’s Time Tunnel: The Razor’s Edge

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One Saturday evening, an “out-of-towner” needed a shave and a haircut. The regular barber, Rush Gadson, was closed for the day. Rush cut hair out of a room in his; big, old, home, which once stood on the corner of 4th and Seaboard Street, just across the railroad tracks.

I always found Rush’s name fascinating, but even more so, when my father told me his full name; “Russian Corinthian Woodrow Wilson Gadson”, he’d chimed lyrically. That name invoked reminiscence of our “Cold War” nemesis, a New Testament book, and the “bookish” 28th President of these United States of America; how regal the barber’s name sounded to my young ears.

Later in life, I thought of Rush whenever, the actor Ricardo Montalban, elegantly informed TV audiences,  in a thick Spanish accent, that the new 1975 Chrysler Cardoba featured seats upholstered in the rich sounding, “Corinthian Leather”.

Subsequently, and much to my…

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